Visitor’s book

What a little piece of paradise in Botswana.  A great way to celebrate a 50th birthday. A special word of thanks for the hospitality and treatment we were privileged to during our stay. Mathew, Emma, Fish, System, Ollie and Tiaan and the rest of the staff, you were all great! May we come back soon

Gerber Family, South Africa / 08.08.2019

The highlight of our holiday in Botswana! Stunning location and fab staff taking care of you all the time. Thank you very much indeed

Giovanna and Luisa, Como, Italy / 08.08.2019

Returned visitors – beautiful location, good vibes, excellent guiding, fishing and cooking. Very kind and funny hosts.And special thanks to Katie; your cake was so so good!

Joan, Willem and Pim, Holland / 08.08.2019

Beautiful, delicious, warm welcome!

Marcel and Aurelie, Gaborone / 08.08.2019

Beautiful! Fishing was great with Mr. P. Dave was in Heaven. Emily was charming, as was the staff. A plus!

Dave and Mary, Florida / 08.08.2019

A once in a lifetime treat! Thank you, Nxamaseri and Doembie for making it happen!

Karen Davies, SA / 21.05.2019

Beautiful Island is well named. We saw more of the real Botswana here than anywhere else. Great experience!

Evelyn and Ian, Aus / 21.05.2019

From Japan, Singapore, London and Edinburgh, thank you for the happy memories, amazing food and wonderful company! Didn’t think we’d have the best chicken pie we’ve ever tasted here in Botswana! Generous, amazing staff  with a lovely community feel. Thank you for making us feel so at home!

Sakurai, JP / 21.05.2019

5 Star+ service, nice people, nice place

Rick, Rotterdam / 21.05.2019

Such an amazing place. Very sad to leave, but our adventure continues! A big thank you for this experience, you are all such fantastic people and our stay couldn’t have been any better. Wish you all the best for the future and hopefully see you again one day xx

Fortzer-Bezar Family, NZL / 10.07.2018

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. This is an amazing place and your hospitality is outstanding. Phuraki and family, you are all amazing. Thank you for your stories, keeping us safe and allowing us to meet your beautiful children. This is all an experience we will never forget. Bless you all.

Heather and Chris Johnson, NZL / 10.07.2018

Thought we had died and gone to heaven! Fish took us on some incredible trips, especially the mokoro!

Julie and Stephen, UK / 10.07.2018

First time for us in Botswana and so Nxamaseri was an amazing introduction for the incredible panhandle! We had a great time on the boat with Phuraki and such a warm welcome and hosting from Tiaan, Katie, Olli and Kirsty. The food was delicious too!

Piotr Sadowski and Glen Dixon, UK / 10.07.2018

My Okavango Delta debut couldn’t have been more surprising… A mokoro ride, otters, slaty egrets and we got engaged!  What a fantastic place run by such wonderful people! Thank you

Jacques and Nicole, RSA / 10.07.2018

Words fall short to describe our unbelievable stay.The warm welcome form manager, Tiaan and house staff, Tiny and Katie, not forgetting their wonderful cooking.

But it was our guide, Phuraki who took us to the best spots to find the elusive tiger fish and the slippery barbel, we had a great weeks fishing. Thank you so much. We give this lodge 10 Stars!

Alex and Trish, IRE / 10.07.2018

Absolutely love the lodge. The staff are very friendly, food is delicious and the peacefulness and tranquility is refreshing. It has definitely been the highlight of our trip so far and I most definitely will return. It is amazing being so close to nature and the water. 5 Stars!

Kyle Stauch, Namibia / 10.07.2018

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality! The most tranquil lodge I have ever been to and thank you, Mr P for your patience on my fishing skills!

Elizabeth, USA / 10.07.2018

We’ve seen so much wonderful wildlife and enjoyed terrific dining! Amazing, and a journey we will never forget!

Jane, USA / 10.07.2018

This was the most impressive experience of our lives! What and amazing spot. We feel very privileged having been here. We learned so much we did not know. To the crew, we wish you all the success needed for your vision and mission, and all your dreams to come true! Special thanks to P who guided us through the thicket and showed us so many things we would never have spotted!

Raimond and Elly, NL / 10.07.2018

Thumbs up! Had three wonderful days. Thank you to Adam for sharing his knowledge of the Okavango. Food was fantastic!

Jorrie, Marietta, Willie and Elma, RSA / 10.07.2018

Great place, lots of fun and excellent food. Friendly staff too!

Clive, Ash, Peter and Jane, AUS / 10.07.2018

Phuraki- what and amazing guide. You made our stay exciting and fun. Snakes, crocs, birds and lots of hippos – what else could you ask for! Thank you to everyone, a magical place and fabulous food too!

Donna and Peter Hardie, NZL / 10.07.2018

Very much enjoyed our stay at your beautiful lodge. The people, owner and guides made our stay awesome. Thank you so much!

Rick and Mary Frederick, USA / 10.07.2018

This is seriously the most incredible place we have ever been! We absolutely loved the lodge, our room, the people and surroundings.

Dave and Debbie Richardson, USA / 10.07.2018

Awesome time – everyone so comforting! Especially Small. Thanks

Gehren Family, RSA / 10.10.2015

Paul came for the fishing – Tigers on a fly & succeeded. I came for the experience & loved it. My favourite chair in the corner looking out. Thank you to everyone.

Jenny & Paul Squires, Australia / 09.10.2015

I came to catch tigerfish and finished up having a wonderful time. Great guides, friendly staff. Superb scenery and wildlife.

Peter Burls, Australia / 09.10.2015

We had a great time and caught many fish thanks to our guide Small. Thanks to everyone involved! Special people! Special place!

Dan & Mark Buncombe, RSA / 27.09.2015

Great time, great people. Nxamaseri talks to me and my heart lifts up and my spirit soars.

Ron Lagden, UK / 25.09.2015

An amazing trip. Had so much fun, loved the guides (Small) and staff. The rooms are divine and so comfortable.

Hill Family, RSA / 28.08.2015

Excellent in every way! Great food, great camp & great staff and wildlife – close to heaven.

How Family, UK / 23.08.2015

Thank you all so much for a wonderful, tranquil, beautiful stay here. This is close to paradise – we all loved it!

Boyle Family, Ireland / 21.08.2015

Thanks for a wonderful stay- great room, lovely food and Adam was a brilliant guide – hope we will be back!

Kevin & Barbara Flannery / 08.06.2015

Three days was not enough. Magical.

Angus & Beth Annan, Scotland / 05.04.2015

Wonderful place. A well kept secret.

Joanna & David Shairp / 03.04.2015

Best kept secret in Botswana. We tell everyone we meet about this great place.

Mario & Gill Kreft, Wales / 03.04.2015

Nicest place on earth

Prufer, Germany / 02.04.2015

Love it all! Why oh why do we have to leave? Norwegian: Flott!

Gareth Jotun, Oslo, Norway / 02.04.2015

The most wonderful place on earth. Excellent. Thank you.

Beryl Agnew, Devizes, UK / 02.04.2015

Wow! What a place! We enjoyed everything.

Tom Burke, Almosa. Ca / 02.04.2015

A brief visit but had a good couple of fishing outings-caught tiger and barbell. Lovely scenery and birds. Very enjoyable.

David Forster, London UK / 02.04.2015

Very kind staff, beautiful trips and wonderful mokoro and hippo.

Legut Family, Czech Republic / 23.10.2014

Such a special place! Great to be back again!

Trevor & Vorn, Pietermariztburg, RSA / 23.10.2014

Lovely original type lodge. We will be back!!! Enjoyed every second. Great hospitality. Thanks

Stephanie & AC, Montreal, Canada / 23.10.2014

Lovely place to celebrate our honeymoon. Eskerrik ako

Itsaso & Asier, Basque Country / 23.10.2014

Great experience fishing the run. Small and Fish were great guides. Lovely food and great hospitality. Many thanks Tiaan, we look forward to coming back.

Chris & Jenny, Perth, W. Australia / 23.10.2014

We had a wonderful time. The staff, guides & Tiaan were just amazing. On top of all this – the exciting barbel run was an unforgettable experience.

Geoff & Christine Lane, Perth, W. Australia / 22.10.2014

Our second visit was better than our first. We hit the Tigers hard on flies and Kandace got some fantastic shots of Kingfishers, Bee-eaters, Fish Eagles and the Pel’s Fishing Owl. Stunning sunrises and sunsets and a great time on the water!

James & Kandace Heimer, Houston, Texas / 22.10.2014

Great place to celebrate half century (50th). Thanks for everything.

Bolton (RSA) / 03.09.2014

We will be back for some fishing soon!

Mcnutts Family (Botswana) / 03.09.2014

Nice time! Nice holidays! Nice Experience! Very good fishing! Here we realized our dream – To catch Tigerfish.

Lukomski Family (Russia) / 03.09.2014

A lovely stay – thank you to Adam for teaching us about the birds of the Okavango – from the great Swamp Wabler to the Pel’s Fishing Owl!

Cronje (RSA) / 03.09.2014

What an amazing place. Made even more memorable by our fantastic guide, Fish!! We have amazing memories. Thank you.

Al, Kim & Lucy Butler (England) / 03.09.2014

Thanks Guys. Just what we needed, lovely scenery, relaxing atmosphere & good company & great service.

Cedric & Val Gibbs (Australia) / 03.09.2014

We spent 2 days of our honeymoon here. Thanks for what you did for making it so special.

Valerio & Antonella (Italy) / 03.09.2014

The coolest place I’ve ever been to! Thanks for everything.

Mike Frank (Austria) / 03.09.2014

It’s a great lodge, we enjoyed our stay. Great Staff, very good guides!! Thanks!

Dominic & Betina (Swiss) / 03.09.2014

Amazing trip, lots of Tiger. Great atmosphere, will be back.

Maude’s (Essex, UK) / 03.09.2014

Formidable. Setour hors du temps. Beautiful!!

Soulard (France) / 03.09.2014

We very much enjoyed it here. We feel at home.

Petit (France) / 03.09.2014

We loved this place!! Caught 21 fish, loved the birds – it’s magical

Liz Kellinson (Seattle, USA) / 03.09.2014

Beautiful little lodge, lekker birding and a very interesting trip to Tsodilo Hills

Sara Ribeiro (Portugal) / 03.09.2014

We’ll be back! Great Staff, excellent cuisine and lots of underwater photos

Michel Roggo (Switzerland) / 03.09.2014

Beautiful setting, guide was great. food fantastic – Thank you

Gould (Boston, USA) / 02.09.2014

What a fantastic place, one day was not long enough. Adam was a brilliant guide. Thank you Tiaan for a memorable stay. A truly memorable stay – Thank you

Andy & Moyra Broadhead / 09.06.2014


Jos & Bernard Abbadic (France) / 12.05.2014

We had a great stay, marvelous room (no walls) and enjoyed the food and the team. Excellent location.

Tane Aliveld (Netherlands) / 12.05.2014

Fabulous as always. Great fishing, great birds, great people, great everything. 4th visit and we will not stop coming. Thank you.

Mary Roediger (AUS) / 19.10.2013

Great place.Wonderful hospitality & great birds. Was glad to be here

Bob Kleiger (US) / 26.09.2013

Great place, want to come back for sure.

Will Couchman (UK) / 26.09.2013

What a wonderful few days! Thank you for a share of your little paradise.

Andrew May (UK) / 26.09.2013