Visitor’s book

Awesome time – everyone so comforting! Especially Small. Thanks

Gehren Family, RSA / 10.10.2015

Paul came for the fishing – Tigers on a fly & succeeded. I came for the experience & loved it. My favourite chair in the corner looking out. Thank you to everyone.

Jenny & Paul Squires, Australia / 09.10.2015

I came to catch tigerfish and finished up having a wonderful time. Great guides, friendly staff. Superb scenery and wildlife.

Peter Burls, Australia / 09.10.2015

We had a great time and caught many fish thanks to our guide Small. Thanks to everyone involved! Special people! Special place!

Dan & Mark Buncombe, RSA / 27.09.2015

Great time, great people. Nxamaseri talks to me and my heart lifts up and my spirit soars.

Ron Lagden, UK / 25.09.2015

An amazing trip. Had so much fun, loved the guides (Small) and staff. The rooms are divine and so comfortable.

Hill Family, RSA / 28.08.2015

Excellent in every way! Great food, great camp & great staff and wildlife – close to heaven.

How Family, UK / 23.08.2015

Thank you all so much for a wonderful, tranquil, beautiful stay here. This is close to paradise – we all loved it!

Boyle Family, Ireland / 21.08.2015

Thanks for a wonderful stay- great room, lovely food and Adam was a brilliant guide – hope we will be back!

Kevin & Barbara Flannery / 08.06.2015

Three days was not enough. Magical.

Angus & Beth Annan, Scotland / 05.04.2015

Wonderful place. A well kept secret.

Joanna & David Shairp / 03.04.2015

Best kept secret in Botswana. We tell everyone we meet about this great place.

Mario & Gill Kreft, Wales / 03.04.2015

Nicest place on earth

Prufer, Germany / 02.04.2015

Love it all! Why oh why do we have to leave? Norwegian: Flott!

Gareth Jotun, Oslo, Norway / 02.04.2015

The most wonderful place on earth. Excellent. Thank you.

Beryl Agnew, Devizes, UK / 02.04.2015

Wow! What a place! We enjoyed everything.

Tom Burke, Almosa. Ca / 02.04.2015

A brief visit but had a good couple of fishing outings-caught tiger and barbell. Lovely scenery and birds. Very enjoyable.

David Forster, London UK / 02.04.2015

Very kind staff, beautiful trips and wonderful mokoro and hippo.

Legut Family, Czech Republic / 23.10.2014

Such a special place! Great to be back again!

Trevor & Vorn, Pietermariztburg, RSA / 23.10.2014

Lovely original type lodge. We will be back!!! Enjoyed every second. Great hospitality. Thanks

Stephanie & AC, Montreal, Canada / 23.10.2014

Lovely place to celebrate our honeymoon. Eskerrik ako

Itsaso & Asier, Basque Country / 23.10.2014

Great experience fishing the run. Small and Fish were great guides. Lovely food and great hospitality. Many thanks Tiaan, we look forward to coming back.

Chris & Jenny, Perth, W. Australia / 23.10.2014

We had a wonderful time. The staff, guides & Tiaan were just amazing. On top of all this – the exciting barbel run was an unforgettable experience.

Geoff & Christine Lane, Perth, W. Australia / 22.10.2014

Our second visit was better than our first. We hit the Tigers hard on flies and Kandace got some fantastic shots of Kingfishers, Bee-eaters, Fish Eagles and the Pel’s Fishing Owl. Stunning sunrises and sunsets and a great time on the water!

James & Kandace Heimer, Houston, Texas / 22.10.2014

Great place to celebrate half century (50th). Thanks for everything.

Bolton (RSA) / 03.09.2014

We will be back for some fishing soon!

Mcnutts Family (Botswana) / 03.09.2014

Nice time! Nice holidays! Nice Experience! Very good fishing! Here we realized our dream – To catch Tigerfish.

Lukomski Family (Russia) / 03.09.2014

A lovely stay – thank you to Adam for teaching us about the birds of the Okavango – from the great Swamp Wabler to the Pel’s Fishing Owl!

Cronje (RSA) / 03.09.2014

What an amazing place. Made even more memorable by our fantastic guide, Fish!! We have amazing memories. Thank you.

Al, Kim & Lucy Butler (England) / 03.09.2014

Thanks Guys. Just what we needed, lovely scenery, relaxing atmosphere & good company & great service.

Cedric & Val Gibbs (Australia) / 03.09.2014

We spent 2 days of our honeymoon here. Thanks for what you did for making it so special.

Valerio & Antonella (Italy) / 03.09.2014

The coolest place I’ve ever been to! Thanks for everything.

Mike Frank (Austria) / 03.09.2014

It’s a great lodge, we enjoyed our stay. Great Staff, very good guides!! Thanks!

Dominic & Betina (Swiss) / 03.09.2014

Amazing trip, lots of Tiger. Great atmosphere, will be back.

Maude’s (Essex, UK) / 03.09.2014

Formidable. Setour hors du temps. Beautiful!!

Soulard (France) / 03.09.2014

We very much enjoyed it here. We feel at home.

Petit (France) / 03.09.2014

We loved this place!! Caught 21 fish, loved the birds – it’s magical

Liz Kellinson (Seattle, USA) / 03.09.2014

Beautiful little lodge, lekker birding and a very interesting trip to Tsodilo Hills

Sara Ribeiro (Portugal) / 03.09.2014

We’ll be back! Great Staff, excellent cuisine and lots of underwater photos

Michel Roggo (Switzerland) / 03.09.2014

Beautiful setting, guide was great. food fantastic – Thank you

Gould (Boston, USA) / 02.09.2014

What a fantastic place, one day was not long enough. Adam was a brilliant guide. Thank you Tiaan for a memorable stay. A truly memorable stay – Thank you

Andy & Moyra Broadhead / 09.06.2014


Jos & Bernard Abbadic (France) / 12.05.2014

We had a great stay, marvelous room (no walls) and enjoyed the food and the team. Excellent location.

Tane Aliveld (Netherlands) / 12.05.2014

Fabulous as always. Great fishing, great birds, great people, great everything. 4th visit and we will not stop coming. Thank you.

Mary Roediger (AUS) / 19.10.2013

Great place.Wonderful hospitality & great birds. Was glad to be here

Bob Kleiger (US) / 26.09.2013

Great place, want to come back for sure.

Will Couchman (UK) / 26.09.2013

What a wonderful few days! Thank you for a share of your little paradise.

Andrew May (UK) / 26.09.2013