Tsodilo Hills

Just one hour from Nxamaseri Island Lodge on the western side of the Okavango Delta, is one of Botswana’s greatest treasures – an ancient San Bushman rock art site: Tsodilo Hills

What are the Tsodilo Hills?

Tsodilo Hills are a small area of massive quartzite rock formations that have developed from ancient sand dunes to the east and a dry fossil lake bed to the west in Botwana’s Kalahari Desert. Tsodilo Hills rise out of the flat desert landscape, forming the highest point in Botswana.

These hills are sacred to the San people of Northern Botswana and are adorned with over 2000 ancient San paintings. The San believe that it was from the backs of these hills that people first came to earth and for them it is one of the only places one can reach the Great God in the Eastern sky.

Ancient history

Evidence indicates that the earliest occupation of Tsodilo Hills occured in the Middle Stone Age. The use of non-local raw material by the inhabitants at that time suggests that contact and some form of trade exchange did exist at Tsodilo for many thousands of years.

The Rock art paintings

The rock-art paintings found at Tsodilo Hills were created in red ochre, which is derived from hematite, the mineral form of iron occurring in the local rock. Much of the red rock-art is naturalistic in subject and schematic in style, and is characterized by a variety of geometric symbols, distinctive treatment of the human figure and exaggerated body proportions of many animals.

Nxamaseri Island Lodge and Tsodilo Hills

As the hills are easily accessible from Nxamaseri Island Lodge, we offer fully-catered and guided day-trips to explore the hills, savour the ambience and view the paintings. In contrast to the cool Nxamaseri waterways Tsodilo is a dry, Kalahari, arid experience. You will return to the lodge in the late afternoon, in time for the evening boat cruise.

A visit to these hills gives one the privilege of being able to see and feel, however briefly, the essence of an ancient culture, fragile and increasingly threatened in the face of pressure from the Western world.

Tsodilo is a place you will never forget.

A Tsodilo Hills excursion should be booked in advance when making your reservation.

Tsodillo Hills- San People

Tsodillo Hills- San People

Tsodillo Hills- San People

Tsodillo Hills- San People